Political Science Program

Any type of educational program in political science can automatically qualify a person for a wide variety of careers in fields such as the service industry or politics in many different institutions. A political science degree holder is well-versed in topics such as the economy, finance, the government, law-making, and civil society. A degree in political science is also very useful for those who plan to attend law program.

Political Science Success Factors

An individual must have strong interpersonal communication skills, excellent writing and public speaking abilities, and must be able to read and understand information about a wide variety of topics.

Political Science Program Majors

A major in political science covers a wide variety of topics. Some of these topics may include government, law, and policy-making. Majoring in political science imparts a variety of skills to a student, including effective communication, writing, persuasive, and logic skills. Students will be trained to effectively communicate their thoughts on paper, identify and analyze the underlying theories and persuasive tactics politicians may use to create and enforce public policy, and general rhetorical devices political figureheads use to endorse their viewpoints or be elected to public office.

Political Science Curriculum

The prerequisite coursework to earn a bachelor's degree in political science may incorporate classes centered on the topic of government and lawmaking. They include courses such as US history, national, international, and comparative politics, basic economics and sociology courses, and classes about the development and organization of political systems. Graduate coursework may include more specific and in-depth topics such as defense and security policy-making, foreign policy, political theory courses, the history of the US constitution, and courses about political parties and interest groups.

Political Science Program Degrees

Many educational institutions now offer online degree programs for political science. Online bachelor's degrees as well as online master's degrees in political science are available all over the country. This is a very suitable option for perhaps working adults who must also work and raise a family while pursing higher education, or for students who may not be able to afford the high prices of a traditional four-year college.

Political Science Jobs

An educational degree, be in a traditional degree or an online degree, can prepare one for a career as a general attorney, a judge, a journalist, or any other type of government official.