Political Science School

Politics affects every aspect of our lives, from the laws that govern our society, to the way we educate our children, to the food we eat, to what we can say in public. In order for a civilized society to function to the benefit of its people, political scientists must understand how the many varied aspects of the political system and how each political action impact society for better or worse. Political science professionals examine the development and the function of governments and the behavior of rulers throughout history. Political science professionals pursue careers in government or public service, either as elected politicians, support staffers, or consulting analysts. Political science school prepares you for a career in political science. So if you're considering a career in political science or a political science-related field, it's a good idea to examine which political science school is best for you.

Political Science School Success Factors

Successful political science professionals typically display a thorough understanding of the American political system, comprehensive and accurate research skills, effective interview skills and techniques, efficiency in oral presentation, strong written communication skills and an understanding of international politics and policy.

Political Science School Concentrations

Political science school allows you to concentrate on a particular area of political science. Your area of political science concentration should match your career aspirations. Typical political science school concentrations include international relations and local government.

Political Science School Curriculum

A political science school curriculum is designed to prepare you for a career in political science. A typical political science school curriculum teaches the history and development of government rule and the evolution of democracy. Typical political science school courses include logic, writing, analysis, world politics, public opinion, political behavior, ancient cultures, contemporary politics, and comparative politics.

Political Science School Degrees

An associate's degree in political science can qualify you for some entry-level career opportunities in public service. Bachelor's degree programs in political science are standard for career in public service or in education. A master's degree in political science allows you to explore deeper issues of politics and influence. Doctoral programs in political science are often required to become tenured faculty members or leaders of private research foundations. Certificate programs are available for students looking to build crucial skills in specialty areas or for working professionals seeking to qualify for promotions or career moves.

Political Science Jobs

Many political science school graduates pursue careers as tenure track faculty members at colleges and universities. Other political science career paths include high school teacher, campaign manager, state legislator, legislative attorney, district attorney, lobbyist, and press secretary, among many others.