Print Design Degree

The field of Print Design focuses on the layout of publications. You make sure that magazines, newspapers, and other forms of media have a proper layout so that they are appealing, flow for the reader, and follow logical order. You are responsible for the look of many different publications. Of course this work can be demanding and follow tight deadlines that will keep you challenged every day of your career. This work can be rewarding as you can see your finished product that will be seen by millions of other people. The success of a publication can be attributed to your competence and eye for detail. To become competent in this field though, an education is the starting block from which to launch your lucrative career in print design.

Print Design Degree Success Factors

Successfully earning a print design degree means that you can typically relate to a variety of personality types, understand the business side of design as well as the creative, are typically artistic and creative, excel at conceptualization and execution, work efficiently alone and can collaborate with a team, and are an excellent communicator.

Print Design Degree Specializations

Typical print design degree specializations include multimedia, interior design, print design, visual communication, and game art & design.

Print Design Degree Curriculum

A typical print design degree curriculum includes courses in multimedia, digital imaging manipulation, digital media, raster prints, web publishing, animation, visual communications, computer prints, illustration, and typography.

Print Design Degrees

Print design degrees are offered at many levels. An associate's degree in print design qualifies you for an entry-level job in the design field. A bachelor's degree in print design qualifies you for many positions in game art & design, print design, multimedia, interior design, and visual communications.

Print Design Jobs

Print design degree graduates typically find entry-level jobs as print design assistants and drafters. More advanced positions for print design degree graduates include design directors and firm principals earning six figures. Other print design careers include multi-media, animation interior design, fashion design, painting, and sculpture.