Private / Criminal Detective School

As criminals have become more sophisticated over the years in using technology to commit crimes, the job of the detective has also become more sophisticated in order to equal the innovations of criminals. Private and criminal detective today use a complex array of methods and technologies to solve crimes, track people, conduct background checks, and much more. A private / criminal detective school teaches you all the major aspects of private and criminal detective work so that you can pursue a successful career in this field. So take a moment now and find the right private / criminal detective school for you.

Private / Criminal Detective School Success Factors

Success in private and criminal detective school and in a career as a private and criminal detective means that you can typically manage many tasks at once, can work well alone, are a good team player, communicate effectively, are willing to invest yourself wholly into your work, are calm under pressure, are very analytical and mathematically-minded, and are able to take abuse without reacting.

Private / Criminal Detective School Curriculum

A private / criminal detective curriculum is designed to teach you all the major aspects of a career as a private detective. Typical private / criminal detective school courses include corrections facilities management, and police work, along with general courses in math, science, humanities, crime scene forensics, computer forensics, criminal law, and social work.

Private / Criminal Detective School Degrees

You do not need to attend a private / criminal detective school to become a private / criminal detective, although state certification is usually required. In addition, many private investigators have college degrees in related fields, like police science or criminal justice, so attending a private / criminal detective school can be quite valuable to your career advancement.

Private / Criminal Detective Jobs

Graduates of private / criminal detective school are finding an expanding job market for their services, with greater and greater specialization in fields like computer forensics. Private and criminal detective school graduates work as legal investigators, corporate investigators, financial investigators, store detectives or loss prevention agents, and hotel detectives. About one-quarter of private investigators are self-employed.