Psychology School

Once some people start taking a look at a degree in Psychology they begin to wonder if they have to work in JUST the healthcare and medicine fields. This might have been true 10 years ago, but it's not in this day and age. Getting your Psychology degree means that you have a wide range of job opportunities and positions available to you. A general Psychology degree will teach its students how to teach, conduct research and counsel their patients.

Psychology School Success Factors

In order to be successful in your career in Psychology it's important that you have a specific skill set. It's important that you are literate. Over the course of your degree as well as in the real world, you will often find yourself writing reports, essays and theologies. It's also important that the student is highly numerate. You will be dealing with a large amount of data and need to understand a wide-range of statistics and processes. Computer literacy is also a major attribution to this career. One of the main and only reasons it's important that a student be computer literate is because of how the modern world works. In this day and age, people are using paper and pen-less and computers more. If nothing else, you at least need to have experience in the most common word processors. It's also important that you have good research skills and information finding skills. While you should have a lot of information about Psychology memorized, it's also important that if you don't know the answer to something that you are able to find the answer quickly. Usually Psychology students will be taught how to search through CD databases, archives and journals online. Other skill sets that are needed for this job include measurement skills, environmental awareness, interpersonal awareness, problem solving skills, critical evaluation, perspectives, analysis, and pragmatism.

Psychology School Majors

Even before you decide on a Psychology major, it's important that you consider what career path you want to take, your personal preferences in the world of Psychology and your interests. There is a variety of disciplines in the industry of Psychology - each one has its own degree, education, and majors.

Psychology School Curriculum

The curriculum in Psychology that allows you to get a BA will consist of a few different courses some of which include, PS101, 116, 213 and 441. You will also need to take two experimental Psychology courses. You need four electives as well. You can also earn your BA in Psychology by completing a minor in one of the many science courses.

Psychology School Degrees

There are three degrees in Psychology - Masters, Doctorate and Bachelor degrees. The masters and doctorate degrees will prepare each student for work with families, marriages, children, sociologist, social workers and education counselors. If you are interested in the application of Psychology you can also receive a Bachelor's of Business Administration and an MBA with a concentration in Organizational Psychology. In order to get employed in this industry, it's important that you at least have a Master's degree in Psychology.

Psychology Jobs

The nice thing about Psychology careers is that there are many different jobs and specializations you could get involved with. Some of these careers include; Professor - Psychology, Assoc. Professor - Psychology, Instructor - Psychology and Asst. Professor - Psychology. Psychologists usually earn anywhere from $54,000 to $71,00 a year.