Public Administration Schools

Attending public administration school will provide you with a background for pursuing a career in non-profit organizations, governmental and non-governmental positions. As a public administrator you may work on fund raising for a non-profit organization, or you may become a member of a government body that awards grants. There are a number of different careers that a public administration school will prepare you for.

Public Administration School Success Factors

There are a set of skills that are required to succeed in public administration. You must have extreme inter-personal relation skills. Communication is also extremely important in this field. Being able to work with and maintain relationships with people will be your biggest asset when attending school for public administration.

Public Administration School Majors

Depending on what you want to specialize in there are a number of different majors you may choose from in public administration school. Studying public policies or global business are great choices for a future public administrator. Business administration or public administrations are also relevant major choices.

Public Administration School Curriculum

When you start your education in public administration there are a number of courses that you will be required to take. Depending upon the degree you are choosing to pursue some of these classes may differ. Some of the standard classes for anyone in public administration school include public policy formulation, public finance problem solving, human resources and labor relations, program development, implementation and valuation, management strategies and critical thinking.

Public Administration School Degrees

There are several different degrees available in the public administration field. One degree you may pursue is a Bachelor of Science in Public Policy or Global Business. A Bachelor's degree in Business or Business Administration is another option for degree choice. The field of public administration is very competitive and it is wise to pursue a Master of Business or Master of Public Administration in order to make yourself more marketable in the field. The higher your educational degree the more likely you are to get a job in public administration.

Public Administration Jobs

There are many different types of jobs you may pursue with a degree in public administration. A public administrator will manage almost every aspect of service at the local, state, and federal levels of government. If you do not wish to work for the government there are also many jobs with non-profit organizations. In a job with a non-profit company you may be in charge of fund raising events and public policies.