Public Administration School

If you're considering a career as a public administrator, now is a good time to find the right public administration school to help launch your public administration career. Public administration offers many challenging and rewarding opportunities for someone looking to pursue a career in public service. Public administration school teaches you all the major aspects of a successful career in public administration.

Public Administration School Success Factors

Successful public administrators demonstrate great communication skills, logical thinking, and competence in leadership. They are decisive and can lead a team towards common goals. They are good working alone but can also communicate effectively to everyone from upper management to entry-level employees.

Public Administration School Skills

Public administration school will help refine your skills to be more effective in human contact, judgment, intuition and compassion.

Public Administration School Specializations

Typical public administration specializations include organizational governance, finance, administration, government management, nonprofit management, and public health management.

Public Administration School Curriculum

A typical public administration school curriculum includes course such as research and development, marketing, financial planning, public relations, human resource development, public administration, public policy formulation, public finance problem solving, program development, implementation and valuation, labor relations, leadership through service to others, management strategies, critical thinking, financial management, grant and policy writing, and advocacy.

Public Administration School Degrees

A bachelor's degree in public administration is generally a minimum requirement for most jobs in public administration. A Master's of Business Administration or Master's of Public Administration will often qualify you for positions at the leadership or management level. A PhD in public administration can qualify you for some of the top jobs in the field.

Public Administration Jobs

Public administration school graduates can typically find jobs in local, state, or federal government, in public service sectors such as healthcare and animal welfare, and in non-profit organizations such as arts or international relief agencies. Federal government public administrators work as a policy advisors or budget analysts. Other public administration careers include chief financial officer, director of administration, director of education/certification, director of government relations, director of international activities, director of marketing, and director of publishing.