Public Health School

While a Public Health worker is usually synonymous to a social worker, this just isn't the case. In fact, there are an array of Public Health jobs you can go after. These roles and positions include public advocates, monitoring the environment or economy, health inspectors and public education just to name a few. The most common job duties of a person involved in the Public Health industry are; helping people get insurance or medicaid, helping the lower class or poor get food stamps or find medical centers that can help them out and arranging for jobs and job training for those people that are on welfare.

Public Health School Success Factors

Since you are going to be working with people on a daily basis, it's important that you have the desire to help others - those that may be less fortunate that you are. You also need to have good people skills and communication skills and will need research skills and information skills to find helpful answers for these families in need.

Public Health School Majors

As a Public Health major you will not only be dealing with medicine and healthcare facilities, you will also be dealing with schools, shelters and research facilities. Public Health majors will be involved in a variety of Public Health aspects which include disease prevention, health care policies, substance abuse, women's health, children's health and unplanned pregnancies.

Public Health School Curriculum

Coursework in Public Health will include a variety of topics which include research methods, financial management, teaching, running Public Health programs, creating Public Health programs, program evaluation and also include a variety of sub-disciplines as well like epidemiology, health policy and international health.

Public Health School Degrees

There are three types of Public Health degrees available to you. The Master's degree program and doctoral degree programs will also have an option to let you choose special fields of study such as family health, international health and epidemiology. A bachelor degree is perfect for an entry-level position in Public Health jobs. Squiring a bachelor degree means that you will get hands-on experience with the families and communities around the community.

Public Health Jobs

Career in Public Health include that of a Public School Teacher, Health and Safety Manager, Env., Health, and Safety Engineering Manager, Health Educator, Mental Health Technician and Health and Safety Administrator IV. According to the The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, reports show that public health positions such as social workers make $35,000 to $45,000 annually. The tenth percentile will have earned over $65,000.