Public Health

Public Health focuses on the health of an overall population rather than the health of individuals. The goal in the field is more oriented to preventive care and treatment to prevent the problem before there is one, rather than treating the problem after the fact. When attending an academic program in the field of public health, you will learn to look at the big picture concerning the health of a whole population. And learn to determine health threats and how to eliminate those threats to keep the population healthy and disease free. You will also learn other aspects related to the field such as management, finance, and logistics.

Public Health Success Factors

To become effective in the area of public health you must be dedicated to making people's lives better and healthier. You must also be able to look over general information about an area and its population and try to determine the possible health threats to that group of people. So in order to succeed in an academic program for public health, the ability to think analytically and be dedicated to making lives better is essential.

Public Health Majors

When attending a Public Health program there are several options to choose from when deciding on a specific concentration. The following concentrations are typically the standard, but some degrees may offer more specialized areas of study. Typical concentrations are Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Public Health Management and Policy, Public Health Practice, Social and Behavioral Science.

Public Health Curriculum

The curriculum you can expect when obtaining a degree in public health ranges from medical oriented classes to business oriented classes. Some classes vary depending on your concentration but typically you will be required to take five core classes no matter your concentration. The five core classes are Environmental Health, Public Health, Epidemiology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Management and Policy.

Public Health Degrees

If you are seeking a degree in public health there are many options available depending on how far you wish to take your education. There are degrees available on the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels.

Public Health Jobs

After obtaining your degree you will have several options as too how to apply your education. Whether you seek a job with a medical consulting agency advising populations on health threats in their area, or with local, state or even federal agencies helping to keep the public healthy and safe. The medical field is always seeking new professionals and can be very rewarding.