Public Safety Degree

Public Safety involves governmental operations to keep the public safe. This could be from accidents, natural disasters, terrorism or crimes. A public safety degree prepares you for the many challenges of a career in public safety.

Public Safety Degree Success Factors

Successful public safety professionals typically demonstrate strong leadership abilities, are highly organized, pay close attention to detail, are able to plan ahead, ability can foresee problems, have solid troubleshooting skills, possess budget management skills, have strong communication skills, have learned excellent computer skills, demonstrate creative problem solving abilities, and master multitasking.

Public Safety Degree Majors

When going for a major in Public Safety it's essentially that you have four specific core courses in your major. These include, English, social sciences, math and physical sciences.

Public Safety Degree Curriculum

Various courses are available for Public Safety such as Fire Department Organization and Management, Fire Protection and Emergency Service Master Planning, Research and Evaluation, Police Executive Management, Emergency Medical Services Management, Technology for the Police Executive, Management Principles and Practices, Critical Incident Stress Management, Special/Target Hazard Planning and Evaluation along with several seminars.

Public Safety Degrees

Certification courses are offered through colleges and other degrees once a student has obtained an associate's or bachelor degree in Public Safety.

Public Safety Jobs

Public Safety jobs offer a wide range of positions and industries. The most popular industries are law enforcement, criminal justice, paramedic, EMT, and first responders. A few of the most common titles in this industry include; Public Safety Manager, Safety Leader, Director of Public Safety, Sr. Safety Consultant, Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Health, Safety, and Environmental Consultant, and Manager, Global Safety.