Radiology Technology Degree

A radiology technology degree may offer you a lot more than you think. Instead of just offering courses in how to be a radiology tech, you will also find courses in how to run a radiology department, maintain records, and manage patients. This fun and rewarding career allows you to learn how to help people in the medical field without spending many years in medical universities.

Radiology Technology Degree Success Factors

In order to be successful in this field you will need to have mechanical tendencies and grasp scientific concepts readily. You should also have apt written and oral communication skills, organization skills, and an eye for details. Without these you will not be able to be successful, either in radiology technology degree or in the career field.

Radiology Technology Degree Majors

Radiology technology majors are fairly simple. You either learn how to become a radiology tech or you learn how to manage a radiology department. Both of these majors are pretty straightforward and will require most of the same courses. The only difference is that the management major may require additional courses.

Radiology Technology Degree Curriculum

The curriculum you face in radiology technology degree will depend on what you want to do with your degree when you graduate. For example, if you wish to manage a radiology department, you will need to take some business and office management courses in addition to the courses provided to become a radiology technician. These courses will include how to operate all types of radiology equipment, read the films to ensure you have a good picture, and send them on to doctors for diagnosis.

Radiology Technology Degrees

Most radiology technology degrees are two year Associate's degrees. However, it is possible to earn a certificate or accelerated degree in around eighteen months. Those wishing to run a radiology department may wish to make their degree a four year degree, with two years focusing on management skills and techniques.

Radiology Technology Jobs

As long as there are people in need of medical care there will be jobs in radiology. Radiology technology is used daily, even hourly in most hospitals. You may gain employment in hospitals, small doctors office labs, or in centers that only provide lab work and radiology services. This rewarding job pays well, and location really isn't a factor in the number of jobs available.