Reading & Literacy Education Degree

A person who decides to get a degree in reading and literacy education is doing more then simply learning about reading. They will be able to be teachers and scholars. They learn about how to educate students in varying age groups from a variety of backgrounds. They also learn about the evolution of reading and how today's technology is changing this field. A person who has enrolled in courses for reading and literacy education will cover trends in reading, be able to teach someone to read in many different ways, understand reading programs and how to develop them, and be able to mentor other reading teachers. A person who gets their degree in reading and literacy education seeks one major goal: to teach people to read at a nationally approved level.

Reading & Literacy Education Degree Success Factors

Successfully earning a reading and literacy education degree means that you are typically able to work efficiently alone, collaborate well with others, communicate effectively to people of all ages, are very meticulous, have a superior attention to detail, are very knowledgeable in many areas, have a strong propensity to learn, are always curious of discovering new ideas, are patient and understanding, and can work well under pressure.

Reading & Literacy Education Degree Specializations

Typical reading and literacy education specializations include literacy and language, elementary reading, and elementary reading & literacy.

Reading & Literacy Education Degree Curriculum

A typical reading and literacy education degree curriculum includes courses in literacy assessment, techniques for teaching literacy and reading, literacy research and quantitative analysis, literacy curriculum development, using technology to teach literacy, and reading comprehension.

Reading & Literacy Education Degrees

A bachelor's degree in reading and literacy education qualifies you for teaching literacy and reading. Reading and literacy degrees also offers master's degrees for career advancement. Master's degrees in reading and literacy education include Master of Education in Reading, Master of Education in Literacy, Master of Education in K-12 Literacy, Master of Education in Elementary Reading & Literacy, and Master of Education in Adult Education with an emphasis on Literacy. You must be licensed to become a public school teacher in addition to earning a bachelor's or master's degree in reading and literacy education.

Reading & Literacy Education Jobs

Reading and literacy degree graduates work as educational consultants or instructional coordinators, working with teachers and degree administrators to develop reading degrees, strategies, and assessment tools. Teachers who specialize in reading and literacy education often work as adult educators in community learning facilities or as teachers in the K-12 degree system or focusing on teaching non-native speakers of English.