Religion / Theology School

Religion / Theology play a major role in a big part of our societies which include our cultural life, politics and history. If you have an interest and curiosity about belief systems, you should consider a degree in Religion / Theology. Also, one of the nicer things about Religion / Theology is that you can take classes right online to obtain a degree!

Religion / Theology School Success Factors

Skills needed to become more successful at your career include writing and communication skills, critical thinking, and reading as well as the understand of complex ideas and theologies. A student should also have good leadership, counseling and flexibility when being in the Religion / Theology industry.

Religion / Theology School Majors

A Religion / Theology major is a really flexible degree because of all the qualifications you get within the major. These include religious institutions, but they also help you learn about other aspects in other careers as well. Your major will include a wide liberal arts background which can be a useful option in other careers and industries. Once you obtain your graduate degree you can then go on and start a career in nonprofit organizations, government, law, business or communications just to name a few.

Religion / Theology School Curriculum

The curriculum for your major will include a wide array of course work including Theology, Religious Studies, Theology and Religious Studies, Christian Responsibility, Religion: Experience and Tradition, Christian Biomedical Ethics, The American Catholic Experience, Twentieth Century Theologians, Religious Dimensions of Peace, Sacraments in Contemporary Life, The History of Christian Thought, Contemporary Jewish Thought. Basically your course work will revolve around the ideas and religious aspects of almost every major type of religion.

Religion / Theology School Degrees

While a graduate certification is needed, you can also continue your education by moving on to a Master or Phd program as well. These will allow you to work in various universities and colleges around the globe with professors.

Religion / Theology Jobs

Job openings for Religion / Theology are incredibly competitive, which is why its so important that you get the best educational experience that you can get. Jobs in the theology industry include Member of the Clergy, Religion Teachers, Theological Scholars and Journalists, while popular careers in religion include Ministers, Rabbi's, Priests, Imam or Author. In 2007, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,, reported that the national median salary for clergy was about $40,000 annually, The national annual median wage in 2007 for secondary teachers was about $49,000, and the median salary for post-secondary teachers was about $56,000, according to the BLS. and in 2007 the national median salary for reporters was about $35,000 annually.