Religion/Theology Degree

A religion/theology degree has quite a bit to offer for anyone interested in religion of any kind. Religion specialists are wanted in all areas, from ancient religions to current neo-paganism. Theology experts are also desired in ministries, churches and even the Vatican. Wherever you wish to go, religion/theology degree can take you there.

Religion/Theology Degree Success Factors

The biggest success factor to religion/theology degree is an open mind. Even if you are not going to be studying a religion you believe in, you must have an open mind in order to clearly understand the principles behind that religion. You will also need to have excellent oral and written communication skills in order to express the complex concepts involved in religious and theological study.

Religion/Theology Degree Majors

There are several majors available within the religion/theology degree. Students can major in any one religion, both ancient and contemporary. Most theology students major in the Christian sect of their choice and belief in preparation of becoming a minister or priest of that faith. However, just as many students major in Christianity simply to further understand and analyze scriptural texts.

Religion/Theology Degree Curriculum

The curriculum you receive in a religion/theology degree will depend on which religions you choose to study and the reason you are going to study them. If you are studying ancient religions you may even find yourself out in the field studying symbols and texts in museums or written upon ancient walls. Theology students will generally study the Christian faith, how to determine or analyze the meanings of texts, and the ethics of ministering to people of a particular faith.

Religion/Theology Degrees

There are many degrees to choose from in religion/theology. The most common degree in this area of study is the four-year bachelor's degree. However, you can earn an associate's degree as well. Those interested in analyzing ancient religions or pursuing a lifelong career in theology and prophecy will likely go on to pursue a master's degree in theology. A master's degree or doctorate is also recommended for those who wish to be top of their field in this unique study area.

Religion/Theology Jobs

There are many jobs available for those with religion/theology degrees. Those with degrees in ancient religions can consult on archaeological digs and the artifacts found there. Those with degrees in Christian theology generally go on to become ministers of their faith, or perhaps even television evangelists or great authors of commentaries of the bible and other scriptures.