Restaurant Management School

If you would like to join the hospitality or hotel industry, but you don't want to work in the kitchens, you don't want to own a business and you definitely don't want to wait tables - a degree in restaurant management just might be your next best bet! A degree in Restaurant Management is going to allow you to basically "run" a restaurant as a whole. You will be in charge of all of the front house and back house duties which include creating menus options, counting and watching the inventory of food and drink, ordering more food and drink items, taking care of repairs on equipment (calling vendors and maintenance people), and maintaining a continual positive atmosphere for customers of the restaurant. Since the Restaurant Management is involved in back house and front house operations, you will also be in charge of all the admin duties which include making the schedule, staff evaluations, hiring or firing people and dealing with human resources for your employees.

Restaurant Management School Success Factors

As a Restaurant Management you absolutely have to be a leader. This is not for the shy or for the timid. You might be dealing with angry or happy customers, belligerent employees, and you will without a doubt need to be unbiased when it comes to ALL people in the restaurant (staff, vendors, customers). You will also be doing numerous things at the same time - making sure food is going out on time, expediting if the expediter is backed up, greeting customers if the hostess is not around, going around to tables to ask people how their experience is, etc. So, you need to be multi-faced and be able to handle multiple tasks all at the same time. Sound stressful? Well, if it does, then this might not be the best job for you since Restaurant Management thrives on this kind of activity!

Restaurant Management School Majors

A restaurant management degree is going to really allow you to delve into the managerial and culinary institute that is a restaurant. You will learn about an array of subjects, some of which you didn't even know were involved in running a restaurant. Some of the most basic classes would include business law, computer science, nutrition, food preparation and safety, and nutrition. While you might not be dealing directly with food safety or nutrition, you will have to oversee the back of the house (kitchen) and make sure that the cooks and Chefs are doing their jobs correctly. You also might have a new employee that is new to the restaurant industry. If they have questions or concerns, you have to be able to answer them!

Restaurant Management School Curriculum

Restaurant Management works a lot like Culinary Arts. You will need to be able to take courses in liberal arts, business and tech courses. You will also have to take mathematic classes, history, and science just to name a few. But, you will also have food and beverage classes as well and will have hands-on practicals and exams that you need to pass.

Restaurant Management School Degrees

Once you get a college major in Restaurant Management you can then move into your managerial position, however, it is suggested that you have either an associate degree or a bachelor degree to have the best job opportunities available to you and to make the best salary. A degree in ANY career is always the best way to go, even when it comes to Restaurant Management.

Restaurant Management Jobs

While were talking about restaurant management jobs, you can also find jobs for Assistant Restaurant Manager, Regional Chef, Line Cook, Regional Restaurant Manager, Restaurant Director - Casino as well. A restaurant manager will work close to the same hours of an Executive Chef give or take a few hours, but a manager will earn a median of at least $40,000 which is significantly lower than that of an Executive Chef in a 4 star restaurant.