Restaurant Management Degree

When people go out to eat, they expect a welcoming environment, attentive service, great food and drink, and an overall good experience. Different restaurants are known for different things—some for a certain approach to food, some for ambiance, some for location, but all restaurants are built upon their reputations. If a restaurant's customers are happy, they will spread the word and other diners are sure to follow. The way that a restaurant is managed is essential to its bottom line.

Restaurant Management Degree Success Factors

Restaurant management positions require training if you do not have previous experience. Of course, managers must have a love of food and know how to prepare it. They should also have a business background, familiarity in dealing with restaurant staff, a devotion to customer service, and computer skills for the types of software that are using for billing, pay, and inventory tracking. Prior restaurant experience is helpful so that the various parts of a restaurant—dining room, front office, kitchen, and banquet room—can be running smoothly.

Restaurant Management Degree Majors

This is a very popular field with many majors to choose from: food and hotel management, restaurant and culinary management, hospitality, travel, and tourism, and hospitality and tourism management. There are also concentrations at the four-year level in service management, hospitality management, and even organizational management.

Restaurant Management Degree Curriculum

The curriculum in this field is broad but effective, and includes financial and operational management, food and beverage purchasing, kitchen design and equipment, menu preparation, leadership and management, and legal issues. Courses and programs in this field are offered online, which is very helpful to those who would like to get a degree, but are already working long hours and shifts at restaurants and other eateries.

Restaurant Management Degrees

You can obtain as associate's degree in this field and then move on to a bachelor's degree. With competition being so fierce between restaurants in larger cities, programs have also been developed for those who would like to obtain their master's degree or even their MBA. Undergraduate certificates are also available.

Restaurant Management Jobs

Jobs are available anywhere there are restaurants. You can work at large and small restaurants, hotels, casinos, resorts, and retail eateries. There are a number of positions in this field including restaurant manager, food and beverage manager, catering manager, and kitchen and food services manager.