Restaurant Management School

Managing a restaurant is much more than just cooking and delivering food to customers. Good restaurant management requires coordinating dozens of activities and staff members to make sure that customers receive an acceptable dining experience. This includes everything from food quality, to service, to bathroom cleanliness. Restaurant management school teaches you all the responsibilities of restaurant management so that you can improve your professional aspirations as a restaurant manager. If you're considering a career in restaurant management, now is a good time to find the right restaurant management school to launch your career.

Restaurant Management School Success Factors

Successful restaurant managers are good communicators, are able to motivate employees, are solid team players, have sound organizational ability, are calm under pressure, and can patiently handle criticism, especially from customers.

Restaurant Management School Duties

Restaurant management school teaches you a number of duties critical to being a restaurant manager. Typical restaurant management duties include overseeing the kitchen and dining room, maintaining positive customer relations, creating appealing menu options, monitoring inventory, ordering food, equipment, and supplies, hiring and firing staff, training staff, and ensuring that food and service meet appropriate standards, among many others.

Restaurant Management School Curriculum

A restaurant management school curriculum is designed to teach you all the major components of managing a restaurant. Typical restaurant management school courses include nutrition, sanitation, food planning and preparation, accounting, business law and management, computer science, human resource management, hospitality law, ethics, marketing, customer service, communication and leadership.

Restaurant Management School Degrees

A restaurant management or culinary management degree in addition to experience is usually sufficient to secure a restaurant management job. A bachelor's degree in restaurant and food service management provides good preparation for a career in restaurant management. A bachelor's degree completion program is designed for working culinary professionals who have an associate's degree in culinary arts.

Restaurant Management Jobs

Restaurant management jobs are on the rise. Most new jobs appear in full-service restaurants and limited-service establishments as the population increases. Restaurant management jobs are expected to increase more slowly in hotels, schools, and healthcare facilities, as contracting these services out becomes more common. There are many restaurant management jobs in schools, factories, and office cafeterias, Managers typically advance to larger establishments or regional management positions within restaurant chains. Some restaurant managers eventually open their own restaurants.