Retail School

While Retail may not exactly be the career you were looking for, you can still gain education in training and move up the rungs of the ladder. In fact, you could even become a retail manager! A Retail manager is involved with all aspects of a manufacture. These include purchasing goods, dealing with designers and vendors, planning and inventory. If a retail manager is not something you have heard of before, this might sound a little more familiar to you - Purchasing Managers. Sounds like a fun job already! A Retail management program is a superb option for the student whom has previous retail experience.

Retail School Success Factors

No matter if you are in a store selling clothes or behind the scenes dealing with vendors and designers, you need to be a people person! Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are essential if you want to be in this industry. Among all else, it's important that you have at least some creativity and imagination since you will be dealing with trends and fashion!

Retail School Majors

As a retail major, you will be studying a variety of course work which is designed to help build your education, your experience, and your aptitude in retail management.

Retail School Curriculum

Common school courses in retail would include sociology, statistics, economics and art electives. More specifically Managerial Retailing and Human Resources Course, Retail Information Systems and Technology Course, Marketing and Promotional Strategies Course, Small Business Retailing Course and Internet Retailing Course - which can be a tremendous asset in the world we live in today which is technology driven!

Retail School Degrees

A retail program or retail career requires that you obtain at least a Bachelor in a three to four year program. The degree should be in Bachelor Of Retail Management and will include training in fashion trends, pricing, and inventory courses. One of the nice things about a retail degree is that you can earn it online. Essentially, this means that you can continue working at the job you have now, and work towards the degree.

Retail Jobs

Retail jobs include positions such as Merchandise Coordinator, Retail Operations Manager, Sales - Customer Service Associate, Merchandise Buyer/Product Development, Retail Store Inventory Coordinator, Merchandise Planning Analyst, Senior E-Commerce Retail Manager, Oracle retail architect. Pay scale in the Retail industry range from $33,000 to $76,000 a year depending on the specialization you choose. Retail management or purchasers make the most amount of money!