Retail Degree

Those who sell goods and services to people and businesses work in the retail environment, which is the second-largest industry in this country. Back-to-school shopping and holiday shopping are two of the biggest times of the year for this field, but workers are needed year-round to help customers and clients choose the best products, manage staff and stores, and predict and then purchase merchandise that will sell quickly.

Retail Degree Success Factors

There are many jobs available in this field, but to be successful you must be able to talk to customers, find out what products or services they need, and help them make a good choice so that they will return again. On the supply side, you must be good with figures, market predictions, and logistics so that store supplies are always full. If you would like to work in fashion design, you will need a good eye for color, fabric, and proportion.

Retail Degree Majors

Retail management and merchandising, and sales and merchandising studies are popular majors in this field for associate and bachelor degrees. For graduate and post-graduate degrees, concentrations range from supply chain management, logistics, and purchasing to fashion design, merchandising, and sales and marketing.

Retail Degree Curriculum

Classes in all aspects of retail and management are offered, including marketing, apparel trends, economics, small business management, communications, accounting and finance, fashion history, brand marketing, and media planning.

Retail Degrees

The degrees and programs in this field are generally offered in two-year and four-year programs. Associate programs are available as well as degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master's of Science, MBAs, and Ph.Ds. Many management and art degrees allow you to take courses and entire degrees online for those who want to study in this field. For those who work in store positions and have schedules that vary from day to day and week to week, distance learning can help by providing a way to study from home.

Retail Jobs

According to a government survey, there are more than one million stores in the United States. These positions can be found everywhere. Jobs in this sector include sales advisor, operations manager, visual merchandising and internet merchandising, and department, regional, purchasing, and marketing managers. Bricks and mortar stores employ the majority of those in these jobs, but there is also a booming e-commerce sector that hires thousands every year.