Retail Management School

Just about every major street in America is lined with some types of retail shops. The fact is, retail generates a huge percentage of gross domestic product and is a vital component of our entire economic system. And the success of retail companies depends largely on the effective leadership of qualified retail managers. A retail management school teaches you all the major aspects of a career as a retail manager, including strategic planning, interacting with vendors and designers, and managing a staff. So if you're considering a career in retail management school, now is a good time to find the right retail management school to help launch your career.

Retail Management School Success Factors

Success in retail management school and in a retail management career means that you typically have sound organizational ability, are calm under pressure, can patiently handle criticism, especially from customers, are good communicators, are able to motivate employees, and are a solid team player.

Retail Management School Duties

A retail management school trains you in the many duties for which you will be responsible as a retail or purchasing manager, including purchasing goods, coordinating store budgets, accounting, and supervising retail store employees.

Retail Management School Curriculum

A retail management school curriculum is designed to prepare you for the many challenges of a career as a retail manager. A typical retail management school curriculum includes courses in economics, accounting, marketing, statistics, art electives, management, sales, and sociology.

Retail Management School Degrees

Retail management schools offer degrees at the associate's, bachelor's, or master's level. A degree from a retail management school is helpful if you're seeking a retail management position, although entry-level jobs in retail sales don't require a degree. You can earn a retail management school degree at a traditional university or an online retail management school.

Retail Management Jobs

Graduates of retail management school find a vast job pool in the retail marketplace, as the demand for skilled, experienced employees in retail will continue to grow for years to come. Typical jobs in retail management school include purchasing manager, purchasing agent, first line store supervisor, assistant manager, and manager.