Risk Management Program

In today's business world, there are countless risks posed by increasing globalization, evolving technologies, and changing social norms. As a result, minimizing corporate risk has become just as much of a priority as maximizing revenue. For this reason, risk management has become big business. Risk management is attempting to identify and manage threats that could severely impact or injure the organization. A risk management program teaches you to identify and address potential threats to an organization and take the appropriate course of action. So if you're considering a career as a risk manager, now is a good time to find the right risk management program for you.

Risk Management Program Success Factors

Successful banking and financial management professionals are typically creative thinkers and problem-solvers, have a high aversion to risk, possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, foster teamwork, are able to solve financial problems, are comfortable with the latest computer technology, and have knowledge of international finance and law.

Risk Management Program Curriculum

A risk management program curriculum is designed to prepare you for the many challenges of a career as a risk manager. A typical risk management program curriculum includes courses in insurance relating to risk management, professional and environmental risk, and property, liability, and product risk.

Risk Management Program Degrees

A bachelor's degree in finance or accounting has historically been the standard for financial risk managers. Many employers seek candidates with a risk management MBA or a related degree, including master's degrees in economics or finance.

Risk Management Jobs

Jobs in risk management are common in the financial sector, including financial management, personal financial advising, and careers in insurance. Risk management specialists may work as financial analysts, insurance company actuaries, insurance sales agents, consultants, management analysts in corporate departments dedicated to risk management, loss prevention specialists, operations managers, and accounting specialists.