RN to BSN School

RN to BSN refers to registered nurses who have their associate's degrees in nursing, who are going to school to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing. RN stands for registered nurse and BSN stands for Bachelor's of Science in Nursing. This is usually just referred to RN to BSN. Typically BSNs are not required to get into entry-level nursing positions. However, some other, higher-paying nursing jobs do require four year degrees rather than certificates or two year degrees. Once a BSN has been earned, nurses can pursue more specialized careers in the field. They can also be employed in nursing management jobs to earn more money. Overall, earning a BSN can result in a more enjoyable, rewarding, higher-paying career in nursing.

RN to BSN School Success Factors

Fortunately, RNs will already have some work experience and schooling experience in the field of nursing. This means they will know somewhat what to expect in the work environment and in the classroom. Traits that nurses should have is that they should want to help people, and find joy in helping people. This is the basis of what they do. Since they are working with the human body, they should be able to handle dealing with bodily fluids and situations that may not be very appealing. Long or odd hours may be required, so they should be able to handle that. Also, nurses will work in conditions with very high stress and pressure, where patients lives may be on the line. They should be able to calmly handle these situations.

RN to BSN School Majors

Graduating from being an RN to a BSN may not require a change in declared major. The major in either case is in nursing. In some cases, though, if the student wants to focus more on the managerial side of nursing, they could change their major to health care management.

RN to BSN School Curriculum

Typical coursework in a BSN degree include adult nursing, anatomy and physiology, health science, biology, chemistry, family nursing, complex nursing, health care management, health assessment, psychology, microbiology, nutrition, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and more.

RN to BSN School Degrees

The typical four-year degrees in nursing for RN to BSN students is a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree (which is what BSN stands for). However, if students want to focus more on the managerial side of nursing, a Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Management can be earned instead.

RN to BSN Jobs

Upon graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree, students can go on to more specialized or higher-paying nursing jobs. This could include family nurses, maternal nurses, clinical nurses, and more. This could also set them up for a higher promotion potential. They may down the road be eligible for managerial positions in the medical field.