RN To BSN Degree

Nursing is a rewarding career that is also in great demand. There is currently a skilled nursing shortage and that shortage is projected to continue for the foreseeable future. Registered nurses (RNs) who are thinking of earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) are typically looking into the future of healthcare and hospital administration and seeing that having an advanced degree will open up job opportunities and allow them to earn other degrees like a Master of Science in Nursing or even a doctorate.

RN To BSN Degree Success Factors

Nurses who would like to earn a bachelor's degree already have many of the qualities that one needs to be successful: a caring demeanor, knowledge of medical terms and of the human body, and the ability to make complex decisions and act quickly under pressure while caring for patients. Studying for a BSN will give you more experience in patient care, it gives you experience in different areas of research, and it also allows you to focus on a concentration like emergency care that you may like to explore.

RN To BSN Degree Majors

Although nursing is the major for this degree, many colleges allow you to take electives that will enhance your knowledge of nursing by suggesting studies that will help your career at certain health and medical facilities, like emergency rooms, operating rooms, and surgery and midwife centers.

RN To BSN Degree Curriculum

An RN to BSN curriculum includes introductory psychology and sociology, transformational leadership, advanced human anatomy and physiology, health assessment and promotion, human growth and development, microbiology, critical care nursing, personal productivity using technology, and global health issues.

RN To BSN Degrees

A Bachelor of Science degree is offered in this area. Most nurses have demanding schedules, and many have commitments that leave them with little free time for their education and even less time for a campus class schedule. For RNs looking for a BSN degree, degrees offer programs that are online. The convenience of distance learning for busy nurses is obvious—you can study when you want to.

RN To BSN Jobs

Jobs for those who have earned this degree are higher-paying and carry more responsibility than for those who have a basic nursing degree. Depending on your experience and specialization, you can be a charge nurse, manager of ambulatory surgery, nursing instructor, community care nursing, or a chief nursing officer.