Secondary Education School

Secondary education refers to the period in education that includes usually the last seven years or so of studies. In the United States this typically includes middle school and high school. Classrooms in recent years are becoming more and more crowded. Teachers are always needed. Educating the youth is a necessary societal asset. Also, each year, many teachers are retiring, opening up positions for new, younger teachers. Teaching jobs can be very rewarding opportunities.

Secondary Education School Success Factors

Teachers in secondary education will work every day with kids. In addition, they will be responsible for these kids, often a large amount. This being said, they should enjoy working with kids, enjoy (of course) teaching, and have very strong, developed leadership skills. They should be able to handle situations of rebellious or trouble-making students. They should also be able to handle stress well. Although this work can be very rewarding, it can also be very stressful.

Secondary Education School Majors

Students interested in working in secondary education should consider majoring in educational areas specific to that age group. K-12 education would include this. It would probably be best, however, to major in the more specific major of secondary education.

Secondary Education School Curriculum

Typical education-teaching and development courses are taught in secondary education school. Typical courses include curriculum development, pedagogical research and theory, assessment and evaluation, federal standards and regulations, instructional strategies, psychology, educational psychology, education in a multicultural society, education of the exceptional child, special education, instructional technology, philosophy of education, and more.

Secondary Education School Degrees

Generally, for employment as a secondary education teacher, a four-year Bachelor's degree is required. However, for potential for higher-paying employment opportunities, it may be wise to earn a Master's degree in education. Specifically for secondary education, the degrees that can be earned are Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education and Master's of Secondary Education. Or, if the students are wanting to teach a specific subject, they can major in more specialized, focused degrees, such as Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics Education, Bachelor of Arts in Social Science Education, or Bachelor of Arts in Science Education for example.

Secondary Education Jobs

Upon graduating with a degree in secondary education, individuals can be employed at middle schools and high schools as teachers. They can teach various subjects. If they majored in a specific subject, they will of course likely teach that subject.