Secondary Education Degree

Teaching today's youth can be an exciting endeavor. Many people often say that they like teaching kindergarden and elementary school kids because they can teach them good habits that will last for a lifetime. However, while these people may be able to teach these basic life lessons to the younger children, the real education and learning typically starts in junior high degree and in high degree. It is in these degrees where students learn the skills that will help them function in society as well as in their future work place. If teaching students these important things sounds like something you would like to do, you might want to consider a degree in secondary education.

Secondary Education Degree Success Factors

Successful secondary education professionals typically possess solid communications skills, are very patient and considerate, are able to work with others, possess good problem-solving capabilities, have the ability to think quickly, are calm under pressure and periods of conflict, demonstrate good organizational skills, and are comfortable handling feedback and criticism.

Secondary Education Degree Curriculum

A typical secondary education curriculum includes courses that are specific to your area of specialization, such as math, English, or chemistry.

Secondary Education Degrees

Secondary education degrees are most often earned at the bachelor's degree level, although advanced degrees in the field are also available. Most programs make you eligible to earn your teaching certificate, which are required for most school teaching jobs. If you are entering the field for the first time, a secondary education degree can provide you with the training and the teaching credential you need to get your first teaching job. Advanced degrees in secondary education include a Master of Arts in Education/Teacher's Education for Secondary School, a Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education for Middle Level, and a Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education.

Secondary Education Jobs

Secondary education degree graduates typically work as teachers, administrators, school counselors, or other education specialists. Advanced secondary education degrees can also help you move into school administration, education policy, or related fields like education consulting. An advanced degree from a secondary education school will usually increase your salary.