Six Sigma School

If you are looking for a popular business strategy - Six Sigma is the answer to what you are looking for. This methodology was originally introduced by Motorola and has a varying array of quality assurance guidelines that are based on a scale of negative and positive quality. As with most quality assurance guidelines, the product or service that is produced is based on six factors. These factors are man power involved, production process, methods involved, instruments used and materials used in the product. By improving one of the six or all six factors Ina product using these guidelines you can improve the quality.

Six Sigma School Success Factors

Business specific criteria for this degree includes PMP certification and a knowledge of the Health Insurance Industry and Billing processes. A person that is perfect for this type of career is an individual that has strong interpersonal skills, the ability to change management, and someone that has strong strategic abilities and a business perspective. This person should also welcome problem solving skills as well as the ability to think critically and analytically.

Six Sigma School Majors

Six Sigma's main purpose is to deliver incredibly high performance value and reliability of a specific product. Your major in Six Sigma will allow you to focus on the complexity, change, current and future quality on a product.

Six Sigma School Curriculum

The main courses involved in this degree are Six Sigma Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt, DFSS, and Lean Six Sigma Certification Courses.

Six Sigma School Degrees

In order to get a position with Six Sigma it is essential that you have a Bachelor degree. However, a Master's degree is even better. Either of these two degrees should be relevant with business disciplines. However, you can also have a Bachelor in IT or finance as well.

Six Sigma Jobs

A career in Six Sigma will include most anything that includes quality assurance. Some of these jobs are SQA Test Lead, Corporate Improvement Specialist Job, Quality Reliability Coordinator, Quality Engineer, Black Belt / Project Manager / Six Sigma, Division Global Operational Excellence Manager or Vice President Operational Excellence. As a six sigma black belt you will make anywhere from $63,031 - $88,043. However, it also depends on your experience, degree and where you live demographically. In Chicago, Six Sigma Black Belts can make $69,667 - $110,000! One of the main reason's this type of job pays so well, isn't necessarily because of the duties, but because its such a complex position to undertake. This is definitely not a profession for just anyone.