Skilled Trades School

Skilled Trades might not get as much attention as a high profile career like Healthcare Doctors or Litigation lawyers, but there is still an everyday need for them! These are the men and women that offer vocational services to consumers. They work in technology, repair and maintenance. This work can be incredibly lucrative if you are in the right place at the right time and you are good at your trade. A degree or certification is always helpful as well!

Skilled Trades School Success Factors

In order to be successful at Skilled Trades it's important that you have good communication skills and that you like dealing with people. Your customers and clients will be something you will have to deal with every day, whether its in person, through email, or on the phone so communication is absolutely key. Another major factor is technology. If you know your trade well enough, you will find that Skilled Trades can be incredibly lucrative.

Skilled Trades School Majors

Majoring in Skilled Trades will familiarize and prepare its students for various forms of technical experience and when to apply these skills. You will be learning how to cut, fabricate, build, install and repair various products, items and materials. Topics related to this include car inspection, inspection (specialized), construction, transmission installation, repairing, masonry, carpentry and automotive trades.

Skilled Trades School Curriculum

Curriculum for your degree in Skilled Trades will include an array of courses which include; Automotive/Truck Mechanic, Die Maker, Instrumentation, Machinist, Maintenance, Metal Model Maker, Fabricator, Industrial Truck Repair, Electrician/Commercial & Residential, Tool Maker, Plumber, Millwright, Pattern Maker, Welding, Wood Pattern Maker, Sheet Metal Worker and Machine Repair/Maintenance.

Skilled Trades School Degrees

Generally speaking, jobs in the skilled trades arena will call for a certification from an accredited school or college. Vocational School are allowable as well. In a lot of jobs for Skilled Trades, not only is certification needed, buy licensing as well.

Skilled Trades Jobs

Jobs in the Skilled Trades industry vary widely. They include Automotive, Aircraft, or Mechanics, Construction Trades, Industrial Trades & Operators and Technicians as well as Bakers, Cooks, Lock smith, meat cutter and painter. Depending on your background experience as well as the specialization you choose you could be making anywhere from $29,000 a year on up to $100,000 a year. You can also continue to work for someone else or in a workplace, or you can go on to open up your own place, facility, business. This depends completely on you and can somewhat be a scary situation, however, if you want to make good money and be your own boss, it might be the right step for you!