Skilled Trades Degree

Skilled trades are the backbone of the construction, energy, and automotive fields. The people in this field perform work on any number of structures and vehicles, including commercial and private buildings, power and production plants, private homes, roads and freeways, aircraft, and cars and motorcycles.

Skilled Trades Degree Success Factors

Success in this field depends on your strengths. If you enjoy working with your hands and can understand highly technical information, you may want to be involved in the automotive engineering, welding, or electrical trades. If you are precise and have an interest in engineering, aircraft technology could be the field for you. There are hundreds of skilled trades available, but each is different and requires its own specific skill set.

Skilled Trades Degree Majors

There are hundreds of majors in the trades. A sampling in this field includes electrician training, welding technology, medical transcription, master and structural welding, plumbing foundation, aromatherapy and spa studies, construction and repair technology, industrial technology, and massage techniques.

Skilled Trades Degree Curriculum

The curriculum that students receive will depend upon the trade they are interested in. For plumbing students, courses have concentrations like plumbing technology, piping materials, hydraulics, and building codes. For those who want to be electricians, course offerings can include electrical theory, codes, switches, transformers, and fuses and circuit breakers. For auto mechanics, class work may consist of preventative maintenance, engine reassembly, and electrical instruments.

Skilled Trades Degrees

Many associate degrees are offered at trade schools and at community and technical colleges. Certificate programs are also available. For those who would like to continue with a four-year degree, there are bachelor's and master's programs that build more coursework into programs for certain trades. This option is good for those who would like to be engineers and plant managers. No matter the degree or trade that you choose, you should know that all of these fields have online, study-from-home options. These kinds of programs can make a real difference in your life because they give you the opportunity to learn a trade that will pay well and provide benefits for you and your family.

Skilled Trades Jobs

The jobs in this area are plentiful. You can choose from carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, automotive service work, welding, avionics, vehicle maintenance and repair, building/construction site management, marine maintenance, heavy equipment maintenance, aircraft power plant technology, alternative fuel vehicle technology, and masonry.