Small Business Management Program

Most of the businesses we encounter on a day-to-day basis are small businesses. From the corner grocery to the car mechanic to the neighborhood accountant, small businesses are an integral part of the economy. Yet small businesses provide a unique set of challenges that require managers with a unique and diverse set of skills. Since small business often don't have the resources to hire management specialists, small business managers need to be generalists and possess a wide variety of business and management capabilities. For that reason, a small business management program provides you a diverse skill set and training necessary for success as a small business manager. So take a moment now and find the right small business management program for you.

Small Business Management Program Success Factors

Successful small business managers are typically self-starters, work well autonomously but can also lead a team and communicate effectively, have experience in a variety of areas, are excellent managing many tasks and people, have a high tolerance for risk, and are adaptable to rapidly changing circumstances.

Small Business Management Program Curriculum

A small business management program teaches you business basics and help you develop an understanding of the unique factors of small business endeavors. A small business management program offers coursework that typically includes small business management, entrepreneurship, choosing a business, bookkeeping, finance for start-ups, business planning, and angel investment. A small business management program curriculum will teach you competencies in effective business communication methods, problem solving techniques, and critical thinking.

Small Business Management Program Degrees

A small business management program typically offers degrees in accounting, management, marketing, service development, start-up funding, purchasing and distribution issues, and client base development. Typical degrees include a Bachelor's Degree in Small Business Management and an MBA in Small Business Management. An MBA in Small Business Management is designed for mid-career professionals to foster the innovation and flexibility they need to succeed in building small businesses.

Small Business Management Jobs

Small business account for a huge percentage of jobs in the United States. Most small business management graduates will initially find themselves working in sales and/or retail. Because small businesses have a much higher failure rate than large corporations, small business management jobs tend to have less job security.