Software Development School

Since using computers and the Internet has become more and more popular over the past few years, the need for Software Development has also become crucial. In Software Development you will be creating a variety of software programs such as applications, games, digital imaging software like Photoshop and DreamWeaver as well as music and video software products as well. Ultimately, if you are interested in Software Development and creating amazing software programs, this could be one of the best career options for you.

Software Development School Success Factors

As a student in Software Development or an individual looking for a career in Software Development you will need to be able to not only have certain personality traits, but educational and knowledge traits as well. First off you will need to be able to read code in different computer languages. This is not the same language as English or Japanese. Computer coding is a language in itself. You will also need to have a "bigger picture" view when it comes to Software Development. You will need to be knowledgeable in at least one of the BIG three developmental systems which are .NET, Java or PHP, these three developmental systems are the biggest in this industry. You also need knowledge in development of websites, domains, distribution, writing, and mobile development - which is becoming more and more popular these days.

Software Development School Majors

Since we do live in such a tech-friendly world which has also evolved into a mobile and wireless world, you need to be completely comfortable with programming, applications and software development if you plan to get a degree in Software Development or start a career in Software Development. Even if you know absolutely nothing about this industry, you have to at least have a small inkling of what this degree will entail and how much will be expected of you in your career.

Software Development School Curriculum

Depending on the degree you are trying to squire, you will have an array of courses to look forward to. For an associate degree you will have courses such as C++ Programming I, Mobile Programming with C++, Intro to Computer Theory, Java Systems Development, Software System Analysis or Relational Database. For an associate degree you also have general education classes such as math, science, writing, and arts. Each of these is for 3 credits and you need at least 60 credits to get the degree. For a bachelor degree you will need at least 120 credited hours to receive your degree. The professional courses include .NET Architecture with C# & VB. NET, Client Side Scripting, Database Systems and Applied Software Practice. On a general education basis the classes will include sociology, arts, science, fine arts, technical communication, ethics, and math just to name a few.

Software Development School Degrees

The higher the degree the more credits you need, the more classes you need to take and the longer it's going to be before you get your degree. But, as with most other professions, the higher the degree, the better the pay, the better the jobs, and the better the availability of these jobs.

Software Development Jobs

Jobs in Software Development include a myriad of positions as well as specializations. A few of the most common positions include; Top Software Development Executive, Software Engineering Manager, Application Systems Architect, Web Software Developer and Organizational Development Consultant. Specific industries within Software Development include game software development, educational software development, music software development, video software development and application software development.