Special Education School

If you are looking for a really rewarding and beneficial career - Special Education is the answer for you! Teachers that have special education careers can change children's lives forever. These children are not just any children, they tend to have disabilities - both physical or mental. As a teacher, you would help them learn life skills that they might not learn, but will need to live a normal life.

Special Education School Success Factors

Because you will be working with special needs children, you will need to have a specific skill set to get your degree and to excel in your career. First off, it's of the utmost importance that you are a patient person. It's important to remember this is Special Education. The child in mind has a disability of some sort. It doesn't matter if it's physical, mental, a disease like autism, or a learning disability such as ADD/ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, Down syndrome or Dyslexia. It's also important that the individual can work alone with a child one-on-one or in a group setting with other teachers or other children. It's important that you have a creative way of teaching these special education children because not all of them will respond in the same way.

Special Education School Majors

A student that is looking for a Major in Special Education will have training that includes, developing different curricula to suit individual needs, strategic management of disruptive behavior, inclusion of technology in classroom learning and being able to handling students with various disabilities.

Special Education School Curriculum

Your curriculum is going to depend on the type of special education you plan on doing. But some of the most basic course studies include mental retardation, autism, hearing or visual impairment, emotional disturbances or learning abilities. In addition to these courses, you also might be asked to take specific courses which could include psychology, child growth and development, legal issues of special education and technology in special education.

Special Education School Degrees

There are two main degrees of study regarding Special Education. The first one is a PhD, the second one is a Master In Education. However, as noted above, you can also take specialized degree programs for specialties in Special Education.

Special Education Jobs

There are an array of jobs available in the Special Education industry. Some of the most popular careers include; Instructor - Special Education, Special Education Teacher, Professor - Special Education, Patient Education Specialist RN and an Early Childhood Instructor. In the past few years, the need for special education teachers has grown. Which ultimately means that a variety of jobs are going to be available at any given time. Since this is Special Education, and you will be working with kids, you will need to undergo a background check. Special Education teachers make around $42,900 yearly with benefits, 401K and health insurance.