Sports Management School

Many of us grew up dreaming of being a professional athlete. Of course, for most of us, that dream never materialized. Nonetheless, for those people who have a passion for sports but not the God-given ability, a career in sports management can be a dream in itself. Sports managers are needed for more than just college and pro athletics. Sports management professionals are hired in many areas of athletics from the elementary school level to professional franchises. A sports management school prepares you to succeed in many areas of the sports industry, from marketing, to management, to communications. So if you're interested in a career in sports management, take some time now and find the right sports management school for you.

Sports Management School Success Factors

Success in sports management school or in a sports management career means that you typically display the ability to communicate and negotiate well, a willingness to work long hours, a love of sports, and high business and marketing aptitude.

Sports Management School Curriculum

A sports management school curriculum is designed to teach you many aspects of a career in sports management. A typical sports management school curriculum includes courses in athletic management, accounting, marketing, and sports business management.

Sports Management School Degrees

Sports management schools offer degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral level. If you have a background in business, marketing, or law, a graduate degree school from a sports management school may be a great steppingstone to an advanced position. An EdD or a PhD from a sports management school qualifies you with the most powerful academic credential available in this field. Typical doctoral level degrees from sports management schools include the PhD in Sports Management, EdD in Sports Management, PhD in Sports Management--Sports and Exercise Sciences, EdD in Sports Management--Sports Medicine Emphasis, EdD in Sports Management--Olympism Emphasis, PhD in Business Administration--Concentration in Tourism and Sport, and PhD in Sports Management--Kinesiology.

Sports Management Jobs

Graduates of sports management schools find the job market highly competitive, so be prepared with an advanced degrees and a willingness to work long hours. Careers for sports management school graduates include coaches and scouts, sports officials, public relations specialists, athletic directors, and sports information directors, promotion and development directors for sports teams, school athletic schools, and front desk workers at sports fields. Sports management school graduates find other career opportunities in league governance, franchise business management, player personnel management, player representation athletic directorship, marketing and promotion, stadium and facilities management, and concessions management.