Sports and Recreation School

If you are interested in sports, you are going to love this - a degree in Sports and Recreation! The programs featured at most of the colleges on and offline for Sports and Recreation will teach its students about the importance of recreational activities (both indoor and outdoor), as well, as the ability to teach, plan, deliver and execute various techniques for Sports and Recreation. Since this is such a BIG industry, usually a person will not go for just Sports and Recreation. Usually they will pick a specific degree such as management, therapeutic (rehab), commercial, indoor, outdoor, etc. You can also pick more specifically such as Head Athletic Trainer - Higher Ed. or a Recreation Coordinator (Intramurals).

Sports and Recreation School Success Factors

In order to be successful at your degree or a profession in Sports and Recreation you need to be able to have a leadership personality, you also are going to need to be organized and be able to juggle multiple tasks at one time. Remember, you will be planning an array of activities and recreational sports for the individuals you are "coaching" so you absolutely have to have that organizational personality trait! You will, above all, need to like people! You will, on a daily basis, be dealing with a variety of people - both old and young.

Sports and Recreation School Majors

Depending on the school you are looking at, each major for Sports and Recreation is going to be different. AIC (American International College), just introduced a sports and recreation major not too long ago. AICs major for Sports and Recreation is a superb option for not only a career in coaching, training or teaching, but it's also a great major for people that actually want to be in Sports and Recreation professionally as athletes. The students at AIC for the Sports and Recreation major would be learning an array of skills such as management, public admin, and sales.

Sports and Recreation School Curriculum

Your curriculum is ultimately going to depend on the specialization that you chose for your specific degree. If you chose a degree in fitness, you will probably have courses in mathematics, science, nutrition and fitness. If you chose a degree in Physical Therapy, you will most likely be learning less about admin duties and more about nutrition, anatomy, chemistry, psychology, pressure points, ancient Chinese medicines, alternative medicines, etc.

Sports and Recreation School Degrees

Again, since the industries and professions vary in terms of Sports and Recreation the degrees will also vary. For health and fitness education you have the chance to earn a bachelor degree, associate degree, master degree, or a doctorate degree. For coaching you have the chance to earn a bachelor degree with a licensure.

Sports and Recreation Jobs

The jobs in Sports and Recreation available are amazing. You can become a Recreational Therapist, Spa Manager Assistant - Casino, Assistant Campus Recreation Director, Racing and Sports Shift Supervisor, Health Club Manager, Rehab Specialist, Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Specialist, or a Camp Director just to name a few.