Sports and Recreation Degree

The main goal of sports and recreation is to get people off of their couches at home and get them out and about, active, and having fun. What sports and recreation includes is a vast amount of activities. This could be various fitness activities, such as aerobic events, fitness training, workout sessions, etc. This could also include completely diverse, seemingly-unrelated events such as concerts, game nights, community events, yoga sessions, and more.

Sports and Recreation Degree Success Factors

For many hands-on sports and recreation jobs, the instructors must, of course, be physically fit. They must enjoy physical activities and be able to handle an amount of strain. They likely will be individuals who regularly workout themselves. Students interested in this field of study must also be good leaders, and work well on a team, as many of them may be instructing classes or participating in various instructional and fitness teams. They should also be good dealing with people one-on-one, having strong interpersonal communication skills.

Sports and Recreation Degree Majors

There are a few majors for students who are interested in sports and recreation degree. These could include parks, recreation, and leisure facilities management; exercise science; physical education teaching and coaching; therapeutic recreation; and tourism management.

Sports and Recreation Degree Curriculum

Typical courses taken in education for work in sports and recreation would likely include classes such as camp management and outdoor leadership, speech, entrepreneurial leisure services, introduction to park management, leadership training in recreation, recreation financial management, workout techniques, workout session leadership, yoga, and more.

Sports and Recreation Degrees

There are a few degree choices in the field of sports and recreation. These include a Bachelor's in Sports and Recreation Management, Bachelor's in Recreation, Bachelor's in Sports Management, Master's in Sports Management, Bachelor's in Recreation Studies, Bachelor's in Recreation Leadership and Management, and other similar degrees. Usually for many positions in sports and recreation, a four-year Bachelor's degree is required. In other entry-level positions, on-the-job training or Associate's degrees are acceptable.

Sports and Recreation Jobs

With degrees in sports and recreation, many graduates can get administrative positions in the field. This could include community events coordinators, recreation managers, athletic directors, etc. Other jobs in the field would be things such as fitness instructors, coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, recreational therapists, sports scouts, yoga instructors, and outdoor employment positions such as lifeguards, sports instructors, ski hill workers, and more.