Supply Chain Management School

Supply Chain Management is the management, positioning and acquisition of a variety of resource. The management of the supplies is just as important as any of the other professions in this industry such as an accountant or a marketer. In fact, a Supply Chain Manager is the heart of any business and will require a decent amount of organizational skills as well as communication skills. This industry continues to evolve, as do most industries, with the use of strategic planning, cementing relationships with vendors and businesses and helping vendors and distributors to become more practice.

Supply Chain Management School Success Factors

In order to be good at your job in Supply Chain Management you absolutely have to be organized in all aspects of this career. You also need to work with an array of people from different view points, cultures and industries, so it's important that you can work with people or work with teams of people. It's also important, if not essential that you have good communication skills. Remember, you will be dealing with vendors and distribution in this industry which calls for an exact science of accuracy!

Supply Chain Management School Majors

Your major will always be different in this industry depending on the specialization you chose. However, one of the more common and more popular majors in the Supply Chain Management industry is a course that focuses on organizational, planning and of course flow of materials both in and out of the facility/organization.

Supply Chain Management School Curriculum

The curriculum for Supply Chain Management does vary, however, the most common curriculum will include course work in; Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, General Chemistry, Business Stats, Introduction to Microeconomics, Introduction to Macroeconomics, Calculus with Applications to Business and Economics, Law and business environment, Principles of Physics, Strategic Procurement and Transportation and Distribution.

Supply Chain Management School Degrees

There are two main degrees offered for Supply Chain Management. They are Bachelor of Science in Business—Supply Chain Management Major and Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management.

Supply Chain Management Jobs

Supply Chain Management jobs or jobs relevant to this industry include; Supply Chain Management / Procurement Senior Consultant, Project Manager Supply Chain Design, Receiving / Shipping / Warehouse Manager, Supply Chain Supervisor, Strategy & Operations - Manufacturing Operations - Supply Chain Planning Manager, Transportation Management Coordinator, Sr Mgr Supply Chain Logistics (Operations Mgmt / Engineering / R&D) and Distribution / Project Management Analyst. Within the Supply Chain Management pay scale - it varies! For a Freight Rate Specialists you could make an average of $50,000. Warehouse managers make around $59,900. Top Supply Chain Executives on the other hand, can make an average of $253,000 a year! That's just an average. The 90th percentile makes $457,000 a year!