Surgical Technology School

Surgical Technologists are a vital part of the sterile surgical team. The Surgical Technology will prepare a patient before surgery in the operating room or for any surgical operation. This includes washing, shaving or disinfecting the incision site on the patient. When they are done with the patient, they will take the patient to the operating room, help position them in the right spot and cover them with the surgical dressings. These technologists are also used for other duties in the operating room such as helping to prepare and pass operating room tools and equipment as well we set up sterile drapes and various sterile solutions.

Surgical Technology School Success Factors

In order to be successful in Surgical Technology it's imperative that you understand the names and uses of all the surgical pieces of equipment as well as the terminology involved in the operating room. You also need to understand medical ethics as well as various homeostasis tactics used in the operating room. This person should also be able to assemble and take down the various pieces of equipment in the operating room.

Surgical Technology School Majors

A major in Surgical Technology will prepare students for the operating room. Not only will you learn how to hand over the scalpel to the surgeon on cue (like they do on TV!), but you will also be taught how to use sterilization techniques as well as cleaning equipment, account for inventory and keep everything in working order, before and during the operation.

Surgical Technology School Curriculum

Your required courses in Surgical Technology will include Surgical Technology, Surgical Specialties, Surgical Techniques, Human Anatomy, Physiology and General Biology.

Surgical Technology School Degrees

It is suggested that you obtain an Associate of Science (AS) in order to start your career in Surgical Technology off on the right foot. With this degree, you will learn more, have more knowledge of this field, and you will get better jobs and better pay - which is always a good thing!

Surgical Technology Jobs

Surgical Technology jobs in this field include Urologist, Registered Nurse 2, Surgical Technician, Clinical Instructor, Surgical Sales, OB Technician, Director Surgical Services, Physician Assistant - Neurosurgery, PRN- Surgical Pathology Gross Technologist and System Admin Surgical Services. The job outlook for this career position is a positive one. Median annual earnings of surgical technologists in 2006 were $44,077. Salaries ranged from $34,410 to $54,204 per year. Obviously this depends on the economy and your location.