Surgical Technology Degree

Surgical technologists assist in, before, and after surgeries. They work alongside and under the supervision of surgeons and other medical professionals. They usually work directly in the operating room as a part of the surgical team. Their main role is to prepare for the surgery by setting up the surgical equipment and sterilizing everything to make sure that the entire room is ready, safe, and sanitary for the patient's surgical procedure. They also prepare parts of the actual patient's body for the incisions and whatever else may be needed for the surgery. This could mean cleaning the incision site on the patient, shaving it, and disinfecting it. During the surgery itself, they monitor charts and screens to make sure the patient is coping well with the procedure.

Surgical Technology Degree Success Factors

Students earning a surgical technology degree should be able to work very well under pressure. Upon employment, they will be a part of a team that is working with patients whose lives may be in danger. These individuals must never panic and should be able to work well even when the conditions are extremely stressful. Of course, since they will be working in surgical rooms, they should not have weak stomachs and should be able to comfortable with dealing with the human body, inside and out.

Surgical Technology Degree Majors

The most common and useful major for potential surgical technologists is a major in surgical technology. However, other medical majors may be acceptable, depending on the place of employment.

Surgical Technology Degree Curriculum

Typical courses included in surgical technology degree include human anatomy, human physiology, biology, health law and ethics, medical terminology, surgical asepsis, fundamentals of surgical technology, surgical patient, surgical pharmacology, basic operative procedures, surgical techniques, and more.

Surgical Technology Degrees

As mentioned above, the most common and useful major in this field is a major in surgical technology. This can be achieved by earning a two-year Associate's Degree in Surgical Technology. This is the most common approach to educational preparation for employment as a surgical technologist.

Surgical Technology Jobs

Upon graduating with a degree in surgical technology, individuals can be employed in hospitals as surgical technologists. With this job, they will work in the operating room preparing the room for surgery (including preparing the equipment), preparing the patient for the procedure, monitoring and assisting during the surgery, and cleaning up after the surgery.