Tech Project Management School

Education in technology project management school prepares its students for administrative information technology careers. With training in this field, individuals have the opportunity to do tech work across many different industries and businesses. These technology project managers oversee the implementation and updates of technologies in their clients' businesses. The incomes of technology project managers is usually very high, even though just four years of training is typically required. Technology project management has even been ranked one of the top jobs in America.

Tech Project Management School Success Factors

Students of technology project management should of course have a strong grasp on technology. They should be able to demonstrate IT systems, install them, and update them. Because they will be in a management role, strong leadership skills are essential. Long hours may sometimes be required. Often, strict deadlines will have to be met, so students should be able to handle the pressure of these deadlines being met on time.

Tech Project Management School Majors

A few majors can be declared for students of technology project management school. These include information technology, database management, network administration, and computer information technology.

Tech Project Management School Curriculum

Courses related to computer science and technology are a main component to technology project management curriculums. The other large part of the curriculum deals with various management and leadership courses. Examples of typical courses include computer science, college math, computer systems, software, networks, business management, leadership, team planning, public speaking, interpersonal communications, technology management, economics, accounting, strategic project management, computer programming, and more.

Tech Project Management School Degrees

Typically, Bachelor's degrees are required for positions in technology project management. These can include Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor's of Science in Computer Information Systems, and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. For higher promotion potential, however, it would be beneficial to earn a Master's degree rather than a Bachelor's degree. However, either one should work.

Tech Project Management Jobs

Technology project managers are needed across many fields and businesses. They may install information systems in a library one day, and the next day do updates on an existing system in a retail management headquarters. They will oversee multiple projects at once, administrating the information technology company's employees, keeping clients happy, making sure everything runs smoothly, and other managerial duties. Technology project managers also have the opportunity to make their way up the company's technology ladder. They could end up in a position as high as chief technology officer, which is a very high-paying position.