Technology Project Management Degree

In the field of technology, project management is a required skill in many if not all companies. Technology project managers oversee and manage information technology projects. This would include things such as software upgrades and implementing new technologies to clients and businesses. These jobs have the potential for very high pay, especially since technology project managers have a strong opportunity to work their way into positions as high as chief technology officer.

Technology Project Management Degree Success Factors

Students interested in technology project management should, first and foremost, be able to handle deadlines well. They should be able to work under pressure. There are very strict, sometimes difficult deadlines that updates and technology implementations must be in place by, and it is under the control of technology project managers to make sure that these updates are done. Hours can sometimes be long, so students should keep this in mind as well.

Technology Project Management Degree Majors

Potential technology project managers will likely focus on a major in the area of technology. Training in business administration may be useful as well. However, the main focus should be a major in information technology, or in technology project management itself.

Technology Project Management Degree Curriculum

Common courses in studies of technology project management include business development, information technology, technological systems, technology management, economics, accounting, strategic project management, project tools and techniques, computer science, computer programming, and strategic management.

Technology Project Management Degrees

It is recommended that students interested in technology project management earn Master's degrees. However, other degrees are available in this major. Bachelor's in Technical Project Management degrees can be earned. The recommended degree, however, is a Master's Degree in Technical Project Management. Alternatively, a Master's Degree in Information Technology may be earned. It could also be helpful to earn an Associate's Degree in Business Administration, or a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in addition to the degree in technology project management.

Technology Project Management Jobs

With lesser degrees in information technology, graduates can get jobs as information technology professionals. However, with higher, more specialized degrees in technology project management, they have the opportunity for more powerful management jobs as technology project managers. With this they would oversee implementation of new software as well as updates to existing technology. The outlook and pay for these positions are very good.