Telecommunications / Fiber Optics School

Whether you are ext messaging your best friend, calling in to work to talk to your boss, or you are checking your voicemail from your phone - these are all instances of telecommunications. This is pretty much true just about any time someone send a message of any sort from an electronic device. Telecommunications has changed immensely over the past 10 years, even the last 5 years technology has evolved into a major and important part of our daily lives. As times change, this technology will change with it. It has to.

Telecommunications / Fiber Optics School Success Factors

In order to be successful in this career its imperative that you are comfortable with technology and devices, that you have an above average technicality with communication skills and that you also have experience or a background in computers or computer science.

Telecommunications / Fiber Optics School Majors

People that are interested in working in Telecommunications / Fiber Optics will learn a variety of majors. These majors will help advance and enhance a students abilities to succeed in this ever changing world.

Telecommunications / Fiber Optics School Curriculum

Curriculum for Telecommunications / Fiber Optics will depend on what your focus is. If your focus is on communications your curriculum will be different aspects of technology. Courses of study will include Engineering mathematics, Computer Architecture, Microprocessor Design, Linear Circuitry and Computer Interface Circuitry, Assembly Language. If your major is primarily based on communications, then your course work would be in classes such as Communication and Internet Law, Telecommunications Management and Programming, Global Telecommunications Systems, Writing for the Media, Electronic Commerce and Video, Audio and Multimedia Production.

Telecommunications / Fiber Optics School Degrees

Degrees in Telecommunications / Fiber Optics tend to be in Bachelor degrees. However, Associates, Masters, Certification and Doctoral degrees in telecommunications are also available.

Telecommunications / Fiber Optics Jobs

Jobs in the Telecommunications / Fiber Optics will vary by location and the degree you have. However, with a Telecommunications / Fiber Optics degree you can start looking into jobs such as Telecommunications Systems Managers, Line Installers, Customer Service Representative, Computer Software Engineers and Computer Programmers. The jobs available in this industry are incredibly lucrative and well-paid. The median yearly earnings of a telecommunications manager were $73,520 while a line installer earned approximately $48,090. A degree in this industry has room for growth! In fact, an article was done recently on jobs in the Telecommunications / Fiber Optics industry for ten different career positions, each one blowing other industries (that are supposed to be well-paid) right out of the water!