Texas Colleges and Universities

Are you thinking about attending a college or university in Texas? Texas provides over 500 colleges and universities to choose from. The vast majority of colleges in Texas are located in the major cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso. The University of Texas at Austin is the most famous of all the Texas schools. Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University are also popular Texas colleges. Texas private schools are led by prestigious Rice University. The Texas State Technical College System manages four schools throughout Texas. You can also choose from many 2-year colleges and community colleges throughout Texas, including the popular Austin Community College and Houston Community College System.

Texas Degree Options

When deciding what degree to pursue, keep in mind that Texas colleges and Texas universities offer degrees at every level of education. You can earn an associate's degree in Texas to get career training or to step up to a higher degree. Texas bachelor's degrees prepare you for entry-level jobs. Texas master's degrees qualify you for advanced professional careers and higher salaries. Texas doctorate degrees are the highest degrees earned and qualify you as an expert in your field of study.

Is commuting or moving to another city going to be a problem for you? You can choose between traditional Texas colleges and universities or online Texas colleges and universities. The main benefit of attending an online college in Texas is that you can continue working while earning your degree and you don't have to move across the country to get the degree you want.

Texas Career Paths

Graduates of Texas colleges and universities find many career paths in the State of Texas. The fastest growing career paths in Texas include cardiovascular technologists and technicians, athletic trainers, anesthesiologists, and atmospheric and space scientists.

So if you're interested in attending a Texas college or Texas university either online or in person, take a moment now and find the best Texas school for you.