Travel School

In spite of all the travel sites and packages available online, a lot of consumers still would prefer dealing with a travel agent or other professional to make their travel plans. Furthermore, a lot of the travels sites online cannot make suggestions to you as far as what hotels to stay at or what activities to do while at a specific location. A travel agent, however, can make an outline for your specific trip - which makes it easier and more fun for you and your family to enjoy the trip and not worry about making plans in a location you have never been to before. Travel agents can even suggest places for food and restaurants as well which is always a plus when in a new location! Other options a travel agent might include in your trip itinerary include weather conditions, custom regulations if traveling overseas or across state lines, currency exchange rates and required papers needed for travel. Overall, travel agents can be much more of a benefit to you than any of the sites available online!

Travel School Success Factors

One of the main success factors of any travel agent is the ability to get information and do research to find the right vacation for a specific client or customer. Each person will have their own likes and dislikes and specific countries they will want to visit. You don't need to have personal experience with a location in order to recommend the best places in that location - you just need to be able to do good research! Since you will be dealing with people on a daily basis either in person, through email or through the telephone, it's important that you are a people person and that you have good communication skills! Also, since you will be setting up several clients itineraries, it's important that you are organized and can operate under a certain amount of pressure!

Travel School Majors

When becoming a Travel major you will be dealing with an array of subjects and might need to study on certain topics you never thought you would need such as foreign languages, currency exchange rates, regulations in certain countries, laws, and accounting or bookkeeping.

Travel School Curriculum

Your curriculum will include a variety of topics which include expertise in foreign customs, philosophy, economics, cultural aspects for each country as well as geography! Also, you will need to be steadfast in mathematics and writing as well as "business" planning.

Travel School Degrees

Travel degrees include a bachelor and an associate degree in travel. You can achieve a bachelor or associate degree for travel in vocational schools, community colleges and state colleges. But, you can also receive a master's degree, but this must be squired by getting a degree from a state university.

Travel Jobs

Travel jobs will allow you to choose from a wide range of professions which include Travel Coordinator, Travel Manager, Travel Clerk, Travel Agent, Travel Supervisor III, Travel Supervisor I and Travel Supervisor II. Nowadays a person in the travel industry will make between $30,000 and $47,000 per year. Some of the benefits you will receive by being involved in the travel industry also include; special prices and packages on travel and hotel accommodations, low cost trips, and business or coach seating on airlines.