Travel Degree

Despite the economy, travel and tourism are still doing well. That is why the travel and tourism industry is constantly looking for new and bright people to fill openings in the industry. While you can go online and look for travel packages, you simply don't get the service you would if you went to a travel agent. Travel agents can help you with all kinds of aspects regarding your itinerary, including weather in the location you are visiting, restaurants and hotels to check out, as well as attractions and light life. They can cater to all your needs whether you are a single person, with your loved one or with your children.

Travel Degree Success Factors

As a successful travel agent you will need to know the ins and outs of the travel industry. Even if you don't know everything, you need to have good research and information skills. This also means that you need to be a people person and be able to use the basic skills of any computer person.

Travel Degree Majors

Depending on the degree you choose, your majors will vary and your path will take different routes. One main major you need to be invested in is business and marketing as well as tourism related topics. Other programs will lean more towards foreign languages, cultural studies and liberal arts.

Travel Degree Curriculum

Upon deciding on your degree for tourism, you will be notified of some of the curriculum or courses you will need to take in order to obtain your travel degree. These courses include tourism planning, transportation, accounting, management and travel. One of the really cool things about going to travel degree is that sometimes you get to travel abroad in order to get the full experience for your internship before you actually graduate.

Travel Degrees

There are two degrees related to travel. The first one is an Associate degree. This will be relevant to your customer service skills as well as business services such as operations. Students getting their associate degree will learn about various forms and aspects of traveling which including hotel and lodging, airline travel, vacation services and restaurant services. The bachelor degree will be relevant to travel services, tourism and hospitality. Travel majors that obtain this degree will have experience in managements, entertainment, and hospitality. In both cases, the student must have a high degree.

Travel Jobs

Travel jobs for this profession go beyond a travel agent. You can also be a Lodging Manager, Travel Coordinator, Adventure Travel Guide, Events Planner, Flight Attendant or a Cruise Reservations Agent. All of these specialty professions have varying pay scales.