Video Game Arts Degree

Video Game Arts are becoming one of the most sought after degrees and professions. This is such a great way to do something you really love, something you are really good at, and make pretty decent money while doing so. A Video Game Arts professional creates an array of multi-media for various businesses and companies around the world. You will be designing everything from video games and computer games, to video and movies, music videos, story boards, and even web pages, depending on your specialty.

Video Game Arts Degree Success Factors

First and foremost, when getting a degree in Video Game Arts, it's important that you do have some kind of past experience in this industry. Only the best of the best will get hired and prior experience is a major plus. As you would assume, creativity and imagination are a huge part of being successful in this industry as well as good communication skills, the ability to work with a team or on your own and to be able to think strategically and systematic.

Video Game Arts Degree Majors

A major in video game arts and design will allow you to understand various forms of discipline. Students will learn about varying forms of aesthetics, cultures of games and theory. Video Game Art majors will also learn how to collaborate on projects with a team environment.

Video Game Arts Degree Curriculum

When you begin choosing your courses for the degree, usually they will be split up into four concepts which include Animation, Game Development, Programming and Sound. Most of the degrees will expect you to not only learn about your specialization, but to create new skills and content.

Video Game Arts Degrees

The common degree for Video Game Arts is called the Bachelor of Arts in Game Design. This degree takes about 4 years to complete, whether you choose Animation, Game Development, Programming or Sound.

Video Game Arts Jobs

When you get your degree for Video Game Arts, you have a wide variety of jobs and positions available to you. You could be working for big companies in Video Games such as RedEye Studios, Dreamation or JellyVision. Or you could be working with other companies with a profession in Computer and Video Game Design Career Training, Video Game Art, Video Game Design, Graphics & Multimedia, Digital Design & Graphic Design, Animation.