Video Game Arts School

Video games have come a long way since the days of two vertical lines and a moving pixel. Video games today possess the artistry and technical sophistication of a blockbuster action movie. In fact, video games today often have the budget of major motion pictures and can earn substantially more money. There are literally dozens of professionals who work on a single video game. And with thousands of video games hitting the market every year, that represents a tremendous career opportunity to anyone serious about learning the craft of video game arts. Video game arts school is designed to teach you all the major aspects of video game design so that you can pursue a successful career in video game arts.

Video Game Arts School Success Factors

Video game arts professionals typically possess strong creativity, artistic talent, design skills, computer expertise, and problem-solving abilities. They are able to work efficiently alone and collaborate effectively with a team.

Video Game Arts School Specializations

Video game arts school allows you to specialize in a particular area of video game arts to match you career aspirations. Typical video game arts specializations include design, programming, visual artistry, sound design and production management.

Video Game Arts School Curriculum

A video game arts curriculum is designed to train you in the art and business of video games, PC games, arcade games, and handheld systems. A typical video game arts curriculum teaches you basic art and design skills, designing game play and background, creating characters and environments, modeling, lighting, texturizing, palette integrity, and interfacing. You will learn industry-standard software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, 3D studio Max and Maya. Typical video game arts school courses include art and graphics, animation, interactive design, production, software engineering, sound design, testing and quality assurance, video and special effects, editorial and storyline writing, and video game business.

Video Game Arts School Degrees

Video game arts students typically start with any art, design theory or design-focused associate's degree and advance to a bachelor degree. Video game arts professionals are generally expected to have a BA from design school, with hands-on experience and a strong interest in electronic gaming.

Video Game Arts Jobs

The video game industry is a booming business, offering a growing number of job opportunities to video game arts school graduates. Typical video game arts careers include designers, programmers, visual artists, sound and production specialists, directors, lead and junior artists, and art technicians. They typically find jobs with video game publishers and studios.