Visual Communication School

If you are looking for a really great way to show your creativity and artistic abilities, a degree in Visual Communication just might be the best bet for you!

Visual Communication School Success Factors

First and foremost it's important that you absolutely are creative and have an artistic flare in this type of job if you want to succeed! It's also important that you have good interpersonal skills such as listening, speaking, analyzing, evaluating and observing. Communications isn't always about speaking. Sometimes it's about other senses as well. It is through communication that collaboration and cooperation occur.

Visual Communication School Majors

As a major in Visual Communication you will be using a wide variety of communication tactics in order to communicate ideas effectively. This could be by speaking, non verbal communication, theory, decorating a home or anything else in between. In fact, Visual Communication has a very wide spectrum of disciplines for you to choose from. While breadth is an important aspect to this major, it's also important that you add in a speciality or two as well such as photography or graphic design.

Visual Communication School Curriculum

Coursework for this degree will include Design Studio One, Illustration Studio One, Web Design, Typography Studio One, Design Studio Two, Figure Illustration, History of Visual Communications, Motion Design, Figure Painting for Illustration, Comics and Sequential Art, Experimental Illustration, Critical Issues in Design and Digital Illustration.

Visual Communication School Degrees

It is suggested that in order to get the best job possible and to really outdo the competition that you get a bachelors degree in visual communications. Also, it might be recommended that you take an internship or apprenticeship to help you in not only advancing in this degree, but in this general career as well.

Visual Communication Jobs

Jobs in visual communication include; Graphic / Web Designer, B NET Programmer / Studio 2010 Developer, Visual Basic / Java Developer, UX Designer and Developer, Sr. Technical Architect Online Sales Application IA Lead eCommerce, Visual Fox Pro Developer and Graphics Editor. The pay scale will vary since this is such a broad industry. However, for the most part, a degree in visual communications can land you a job paying you between $32,000 and $132,000 a year, Web Designer And Developers being the lower pay scale and Creative Director being the higher pay scale. Other pay scales included are:

Graphic Artist / Designer - $35,402 - $42,959

Art Director - $39,790 - $65,761

Senior Graphic Designer - $35,084 - $55,750