Washington, D.C. Colleges and Universities

If you are enrolled in a college in Washington, D.C. you might decide to wander over to Five Guys Burgers. Not only will you get an awesome lunch, you might just run into the President: it’s his favorite burger joint. As anyone can tell you, Washington, D.C. is less of a state and more of a district. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some extremely reputable higher education institutions. In fact, the number of private colleges out paces the number of public colleges in the district. On the public side, as you would expect there is then University of D.C. Then there is the imposing sounding National Defense University and the National Defense Intelligence College. Obviously, those are the places to go if you want to work for our National Defense.

On the private side you’ll find that the key word is diversity. Howard University is a college with a long standing tradition of promoting higher education among the African American community while over at Gallaudet University you’ll find that nations first four year college for the deaf.

Washington, D.C. Degree Options

Although small by number, the choices you’ll get in graduate and undergraduate degrees is quite impressive when you decide to earn a degree in Washington, D.C. Over at George Washington University you’ll find broad range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. At Trinity Washington University their liberal arts degree programs are second to none. For those interested in the law, Georgetown University and the Columbus School of Law will prepare you to stand before the bar. For those who are looking for focused certificate training programs, they can be had at institutions like Cochran College of Art & Design and the American University.

With all that history and all those museums, clearly there is a lot to see in Washington, D.C. Any school kid living within a 100 mile radius of the town will ultimately make a day trip there. For those who aren’t able to visit our nation’s capitol, you still have the opportunity to hang a diploma from a D.C. college on your wall. Online learned can plug you into many of the Washington, D.C. area colleges. Just like the rest of the county, there are many distance learning programs standing by to enhance your education.

Washington, D.C. Career Paths

This one is a no-brainer: go to school in D.C., get a job in the government. Actually, that’s not a bad idea. There are many agencies, departments and divisions of our government that are always on the lookout for new hires with fresh ideas. While attending college in D.C. you could have a chance to work as an intern for Congress, the Supreme Court or even the White House. Most of the policy makers and their staff have law degrees, but that’s not the only game in town. There are opportunities in the healthcare industry, tourism and business administration. Washington, D.C. has a little something for everyone; just as it should!