Web Design School

A career in Web Design could just be the career of your dream! The first thing you need to do is get a degree in web design. A person that is interested in using the latest computer technology and software as well as developing graphics, designs, templates for websites, sound and multimedia products, will take great pride in their career in Web Design. The Internet is becoming more and more popular every day - which is a great position for you to be in. It doesn't matter if a business needs to sell a product through an ecommerce route, or they need to recreate a new website or redo their old one, or they need help with the creation of something like a business card, a web designer can use his or her degree to get a job or start a lifetime career with these businesses.

Web Design School Success Factors

An individual that is interested in getting a degree in web design should already have some knowledge about some of the most popular languages and applications in the web design industry. These applications and languages include; HTML, JavaScript, PHP and ASP, Database Management, Image Editing Programs like Photoshop or DreamWeaver, Flash (which is becoming more and more popular), programming languages such as Pearl and Java. If you have any previous experience or knowledge about these languages and applications, chances are you would not only be interested in a degree in Web Design, but that you would excel in this industry. A hands on approach is always required.

Web Design School Majors

You can get a Web Design Major. However, it usually isn't called this. The schools and colleges you look at will usually have it labeled as a Multimedia or Media Art designer. These individuals are the ones that are going to be immersed in the technology of today in order to create aesthetically pleasing designs for websites online.

Web Design School Curriculum

The curriculum for Web Design will usually include courses besides that of art and design such as business, psychology and even accounting. Other courses of study include; Introduction to Dreamweaver, Advanced Macromedia Flash, Web Animation with Flash (Introductory), Macromedia Fireworks, Contracting Your Services and Web Content Writing and Editing.

Web Design School Degrees

The degrees within Web Design include; Certificate Programs, Associate Degrees in Web Design, and Bachelor's Degrees in Web Design.

Web Design Jobs

Although it might seem as if the only career path you have in web design is to become a Web Designer - you are wrong! You can also become a Design Firm Principal, Usability Specialist or an Entrepreneur. As an Entrepreneur you will be able to collect your own clients, work on your own or create your own business and hire on other designers, make your own hours, create your own designs and be as creative as you want to be! Professional Designers are said to make anywhere from $81,000 on up to $91,000 depending on the degree you have and the experience you have.