West Virginia Colleges and Universities

Have you ever considered enrolling in a college or university in West Virginia? You'll be pleased to discover, West Virginia provides over 75 colleges and universities to choose from. The most popular college in West Virginia is West Virginia University, located in Charleston. West Virginia Wesleyan College is a highly respected liberal arts private school associated with the United Methodist Church. Other popular West Virginia schools include West Virginia State University and Marshall University. West Virginia also features many community colleges and career colleges such as the popular West Virginia Northern Community College.

West Virginia Degree Options

Which degree do you want to earn? West Virginia colleges and West Virginia universities offer degrees at every level of education. You can earn an associate's degree in West Virginia to jumpstart your career or step up to a higher degree. West Virginia bachelor's degrees are usually a minimum requirement for professional jobs. West Virginia master's degrees qualify you for a professional career and a higher salary. West Virginia doctorate degrees qualify you as an expert in your field.

Online or in person? Depending on your individual needs, you can choose between traditional West Virginia colleges and universities or online West Virginia colleges and universities. The main benefit of attending an online college in West Virginia is that you can continue working while earning your degree at a time and place that are convenient for you. You can also save money on room & board and communicate easily with professors and students.

West Virginia Career Paths

Graduates of West Virginia colleges and universities find many career paths in the State of West Virginia. The most in-demand career paths in West Virginia include customer and personal service, psychology, English language services, and education and training.

So if you're interested in attending a West Virginia college or West Virginia university either online or in person, take a moment now and find the best West Virginia school for you.