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Ready to take your education to the next level? Earning a higher learning degree means you can now access a greater range of career opportunities with the best salary perks. Thanks to the many accredited degree programs made available through you can actually earn your next degree right from the comfort of your own home.

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Many students understand the need for higher learning, but aren't sure of which major to declare. E-learning can let you explore your career curiosity without a four year commitment. Suppose you're intrigued by crime scene investigations. Take an introductory forensics class online, and at the end of that course you'll know if going for an online criminal justice degree is for you. If not, you can still use the credits you've earn towards whatever program you settle on.

Affordable and Flexible Options

Whether you're going for an associate's, bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree, you'll quickly find that enrolling in e-learning is a flexible and affordable option. Earn credits around your own work and family schedule while saving money. Take control of your future and live up to your potential with an online degree.

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    An interesting article recently ran in The Atlantic Cities, outlining the segregation of college-educated graduates. The thinking is, “smart” people will congregate beside other “smart” people, but there’s segregation within those communities. Let’s take a look.

  • Sam the Student: Getting Set to Head Off to College

    I’m starting to get offers of admission from the colleges that I applied to (along with a few rejections, too), and I’ve narrowed down my choice to three: one’s an Ivy League college, another’s a state school, and the third is a big-name one that’s one state over.

  • Sam the Student: Obligations to Self and Family

    One of my dreams when starting college was to spend a semester or year abroad because I just love traveling. I can’t even explain I have the draw to it, but it sparks something inside of me and makes me feel like myself. Problem?

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  • 5 Bad Habits that are Holding You Back from Academic Success

    No student sets off to get a college degree with the intention of doing extremely poorly, but it happens in almost every class. But the good news is, it’s most likely a collection of bad habits. And the even better news is, they’re probably easier to fix than you thought.

  • ”Hard” Subjects Still Make the Top Grade

    Deciding what to major it is always a tough choice. You want to study something that interests and excites you, but also a subject that’ll lead to a stable, well-paying job.

  • 10 Companies That Will Help Pay for Your College Degree

    It almost sounds too good to be true: head to college to specialize with a degree...and have your employer pick up the tab. But for the following list of 10 companies -- just a handful in the United States -- it’s not a dream, it’s a reality.

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Are you a recent high school graduate looking to earn a college degree? Are you a working professional seeking an online degree while you work? Whether you prefer e-learning or traditional college, YourDegree connects you to the degree program of your choice and gets you on the fast track to earning your college degree.

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  • DegreesDegrees

    In today's job market, with the better jobs may have the better education. Degrees provide more accurate knowledge, hone skills and develop interests in new subjects and ideas. It's also important to many employers that you have all the education qualifications of the next candidate. You also don't have to go to school for a decade in order to find a good profession. There are those who make $50,000 or more just from getting a two-year technical degree. As you develop a list of interests and look into different degree programs, consider the benefits of getting a degree at each level: associate, bachelor or graduate. Then, you can figure out a path to achieving your college goals.

  • Online EducationOnline Education

    Whether you want to brush up on something or learn entirely new material, you can really enhance your education and qualifications through courses and degrees taught online. Colleges have made it easier than ever to earn an education from home and when you have the time to do it. In addition, these courses are accredited and provide excellent benefits to students, particularly when the school offers career placement services and internship opportunities. Online education has certainly grown and become a revolutionary force, as many students are able to advance beyond their current careers and actually start their own businesses from taking online classes. The best part is that students were able to create their own schedules, work at their own pace and earn credits without interrupting work and family obligations. You can find all types of courses offered online by clicking here.

  • Online DegreesOnline Degrees

    Any type of degrees available at a traditional campus can also be found online. Colleges have found the benefits for providing distance education over the Internet to be beneficial for both students and teachers. There are degrees at every level available as well. From two-year accelerated nursing programs to doctorate degrees in business. The possibilities truly have grown for students who require more independent study and flexible schedules, and they have found it easier to move into a better position at work or transition into a new career because of an accredited online program. There are a few things to consider when choosing an online degree. Always do research on the school beforehand, look for financial aid opportunities, check accreditation and student satisfaction, and see what student services are available.

  • Higher EducationHigher Education

    Innovation happens through the discovery of education. It's the path to new possibilities and achievements. College graduates may possess the most mobility in today's world. College degrees may increase a student's visibility to employers, who seek skilled and knowledgable professionals, but it's also about the value that you place on your own mind and future. College education may hold the key to building leaders and pioneers. With intuitive technology, college students find degrees to be more accessible than ever before. So what do you want to learn today?